Future Directions for CTE

Leadership Summit

Concept Cards

The interaction of forces produce an order that is often emergent and difficult if not impossible to predict. Organizations attempt to plan for the future often without understanding the impact of these forces, their interactions, and the resulting implications on them and the rest of society.

Over the last several years InnovationLabs has collected a series of 'concepts, trends, and forces' influencing our clients and the environments they work and live in. These forces in society, economics, business, technology, education and learning make up a body of work we call Concept Cards. During the Summit we used a random selection of approximately 100 of these Concept Cards in an activity to think about the future.

Use this link if you are interested in downloading a PDF file containing these Concept Cards. This file is almost 2.2 megabytes in size so may take some time to download depending on your connection speed).

concept cards

These are being made available for the use of the participants in this Summit only and should not be forwarded to others. Attribution should be included if and when they are used.

If you have any questions about the content of these concepts or would like to use them for another purpose please contact Langdon Morris of InnovationLabs.